Math Trivia

Math Trivia is a multiplayer math game where you engage in problem-solving battles with online players or against the computer. There are 10 questions in each round. You must answer them as quickly as possible to beat your opponent. We'll put your fast computing abilities to the test! Pass the quizzes and show everyone who is the most intelligent person in this puzzle game.➕➖

How to Play Math Trivia

  • Are you someone who loves mathematics? We are sure you will love this brain game.
  • If this is your first time to play the game, you can start with the Practice option from the menu. You will compete against the AI.
  • You can see what type of questions you will come across in the Practice mode before battling with a real player.
  • Your job? Answer 10 questions you will see on the screen respectively. The same goes for your opponent.
  • To win the game, you must solve the problems in the quickest way and correctly!

Create Your Avatar

Before engaging in a battle, start by giving a name to your player and choose an avatar for yourself. Enter your name in the box written "Player Name". Then, view the avatar options using the left and right arrows on the box. There are girls and boys who have unique physical appearances. Choose your favorite one, and now you are ready!

Calculate Quickly!

You will have a limited time to solve the problems. Don't forget to check the time bar at the top of the screen. Remember that answering the questions quickly you see on the screen will bring you success in this math game. The quicker you solve them, the more points you will get. But there will need to be more! You must calculate the numbers correctly.

The Blue and Red Circles

There are two bars; one is red, and the other is blue. The red bar shows you your progress. The same goes with your opponent with the blue bar. You will see circles under each bar that have numbers in them. These numbers indicate your scores. You can understand who is ahead from these numbers.


  • Use your mouse or touchscreen to mark the answer


Math Trivia was developed by MarketJS.

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Math Trivia Free Online Game