Marble Zumba Stack

Marble Zumba Stack is a 2D shooting game where you try to eliminate the chains of the marbles by making your frog send balls at them. You can’t let any of the marbles reach the final zone. Otherwise, you will lose this bubble shooter game. Match three or more of the marbles and destroy. Let’s see if you can reach the 40th level in the arcade game inspired by Zuma Deluxe!🐸

How to Play Marble Zumba Stack

  • You will see a track and a frog at the center of it. The chains of marbles will move along on this track.
  • Your objective is to shoot at them with your frog’s marbles. But be sure the balls you send to the chain must be the same color.
  • When three or more marbles of the same color come together, they die out. You will eliminate the chains in this way.
  • There are 40 levels, and each comes with specific challenges. No matter what, overcome the obstacles and make it to the final level!

Changeable Marbles

Your frog can carry two marbles at once. These marbles can be in different colors or the same color. If their color is different, change them by clicking on the frog. Send it to the chain using the color you want. You can send it outside if you want to skip your current ball.

The most important thing in this free bubble shooting game is to remove the balls, especially those at the forefront before they reach the final area.

Use Your Rubies

Every level you pass will earn you rubies in the oriental world. Use these rubies to get power-ups. They will help you make progress in the arcade game easily. Visit the shop section to view your options. There are 5 kinds of power-ups.

One power-up can rewind time, while another can allow you to perform explosions in the chain. We leave it to you to discover the rainbow-toned potion and brush!


  • Mouse or Touchscreen: Aim/Shoot
  • Left Click on the frog to switch marbles.


Marble Zumba Stack was developed by FreezeNova.

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Marble Zumba Stack Free Online Game

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