Limousine Simulator

Limousine Simulator is a 2D driving game with 25 levels where you experience being a limo driver. Become a private chauffeur and give your passengers a comfortable ride. Park the limo smoothly and get generous tips.

From the Red Carpet to Stretch Limo

Passengers are waiting for you to arrive at their destination. Drive the limousine and follow the yellow arrows to find the spots where they stand. Your passenger portfolio includes rich businesspersons, actresses, and even royalty. So, don't ruin your career by giving them a messy ride; they're influential. 

Take Care of Your Passengers

Passengers prefer a safe trip. So stop at red lights and follow traffic rules. At each level, you'll begin with a full 3 stars. Every bump will cost you half a star. If you lose all 3 of them, you have to start over that level. God forbid, if you hit a passenger waiting for you, you lose all three stars at once.

Parking Your Limo

Not only you should arrive at the destination safe and sound but also park your car thoroughly in the designated spots. We bet parallel parking has never been this much challenging before. It's a true test for your driving skills. When you park inside the yellow lines, wait a few seconds. The lines turn into green meaning you can drop off the passenger. 

Some drop-off zones have arrows on them to indicate how you should position the limo's direction. You cannot complete the quest if you park in the wrong direction.

25 Unique Levels

The game features 25 unique levels with increasing difficulty. The first few might come easy for you. However, as you progress, you'll face more tight turns, narrow streets, and longer wheelbase limousines. Also, the number of passengers to be taken increases at later levels. 

Being a limousine driver is a tough and decent job, but if you're up to this challenge, play it on now!


WASD or arrow keys to drive the limousine


FreezeNova created this game.

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Limousine Simulator Online Game