Julio Police Cars

Get behind the wheel and speed up your car in Julio Police Cars game.
With spectacular designed police cars you will experience the adrenaline rush while you are navigating the city roads.

You can explore 3 maps with complete freedom. This will keep you entertained and you will never be bored. 10 cars including a limousine wait for you to be tested. Be the best driver and have the best stunt score while you drifting.

Julio Police Cars Controls:
WASD or arrow keys to drive
Space key to handbrake
Left Shift to boost car
G key to unstuck car
R key to reset scene
C key to change view (camera)
E key to turn on police lights
X to hide instructions
‘1’ ‘2’ ‘3’ … ‘9’ ‘0’ to change car
Tab or Esc to toggle pause

Julio Police Cars Web Game