Heist Escape

You get to be a sneaky thief in a bank. Execute a daring heist in a high-security environment. Use your stealth to collect all the money bags and run away from the scene in this virtual setting, available on OnlineGames.io. 

Heist Escape is a challenging arcade game with 30 unique levels. You'll need to outsmart the cops who are hot on your trail. Use your wits, stay hidden, and don't let them catch you!


Move: WASD or arrow keys.

How to Play Heist Escape

  • You'll find yourself on a robbery mission in Heist Escape.
  • Cops are walking around the bank with their flashlights. 
  • Collect all three money bags without being seen by a cop.
  • Make a clean getaway with all your loot.
  • Each level will bring a new stage and more cops to stay away from.
  • You may also see some dogs instead of cops on some levels. Dogs are eagle-eyed and much faster compared to regular security. Keep an eye on them.  
  • When the cops turn you back, take the money back with stealth and move forward. 
  • If they spot the thief, you need to start over from that level. 
  • A blend of strategy and skill awaits you in this game.

Tips and Tricks to Be An Escape Artist

  • Before starting a level, analyze the levels and movement patterns of securities.
  • Give quick breaks to wait until cops turn their back. But too long breaks will reveal you.
  • If a cop spots you from a distance their flashlight turns to red and they'll run over you. You'll still have a chance to get away with it. Move fast when it happens.
  • As you progress through levels, you'll need not only money bags but also keys to access certain spots in the bank. Find the keys and figure out which doors the keys unlock.


FreezeNova created this game.

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