God Simulator

Be a strategist and forge your own religion on God Simulator! Inspire people to convert and witness the growth of religion in different lands across the globe. Experience different stages of the religion's history and evolution as you write holy scriptures, open temples, and convince more and more rulers. 

God Simulator is an idle strategy game where you learn new skills to unite various civilizations under the roof of faith. Manage the religion skillfully, increase the number of believers and become the winner of the game!

With 10 different languages and diverse features to explore, God Simulator has a lot to offer gamers seeking in-depth scenarios. It is such a game that you'll not be the same person after playing. The game encourages players to reflect and question their beliefs. 


  • Use your mouse to collect bubbles and navigate. 
  • The bubbles represent your followers, and by collecting them, you're spreading your religion. 
  • Navigating is crucial as you'll need to strategically choose the lands to spread your religion, considering their unique parameters and adapting your religion accordingly.


You'll start by selecting the religion you'd like to spread. Select one of the following. Each role has its own challenges and advantages.

  • Monotheism: This is a well-organized and stable religion with potential for adaptation.
  • Spiritualism: The cult is unstable, with multiple gods and beliefs, and its followers develop their religion quickly but chaotically.
  • Pantheon: The ministers of this cult do not spread their beliefs. People join themselves.
  • Paganism: The religion is very old and deeply ingrained in the minds of its followers. It is not easy to get rid of this faith, but it is also not easy to develop it.
  • Shamanism: This particular religion is deeply rooted and resistant to change, making it difficult for new followers to bring fresh ideas. However, its teachings do not create any social division.
  • Totalitarian Sect: A radical branch of a religion. It causes immediate alienation of society. The followers of this cult are unpredictable.
  • Destructive Cult: A dangerous and extremely aggressive religion. Adherents become more and more fanatical.

Choose Your Role

After choosing the religion, you need to select your role among 3 of the following. 


  • Mode for beginner preachers or for a quick developing game.
  • Even the new believers improve your religion
  • Religion develops easily.
  • God helps you.


  • For experienced strategists.
  • People are trusting
  • The world is relatively tolerant of any religion
  • Scientists and philosophers do not seek to refute the dogmas of the church.


  • For the true messengers of God.
  • People do not tend to accept new ideas.
  • The world is suspicious of major religions
  • Every thinker seeks to doubt religion

Select the Land to Spread Religion

If you've decided on the religion and your role, give it a name and select a place to spread your religion.

Remember that each country has its own peculiarities when it comes to adapting your religion. Pay attention to the parameters with colored icons.

You'll soon see bubbles on the land you choose. There are 3 stages of members of the religion: believers, enlightened and fanatics. If you succeed in that, all inhabitants will become either fanatics or enlightened.

If there happen to be many opponents of your religion in the world, and the idea of atheism gets 100% developed, then you lose the game. God Simulator offers high replayability, with different religions and roles to choose from, each offering a unique gameplay experience. So you can start again with another religion and role after winning or losing. 


  • English
  • Russian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Hindi


GameFirst created this game.

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