Crazy Karts

Did you know that most Formula 1 drivers started their careers with Karting? These tiny four-wheeled machines can reach speeds of up to 100 mph. 

Even though karting is an adrenaline-pumping experience as you drive a lightweight vehicle on a crazy circuit, drivers are open to many safety risks. That's why we bring this experience to the virtual realm. Meet Crazy Karts, a game where you can enjoy the thrill of a speedy race, collect weapons and smash karts of other players.


  • Drive the kart: WASD or the Arrow Keys
  • Fire: Spacebar

Multiplayer Karting Adventure

  • You can play Crazy Karts against bots in single-player mode and multiplayer in private and public rooms. 
  • To join an existing room, simply enter multiplayer mode and click on join button.
  • Drive through the arena and collect gift boxes to acquire weapons. 
  • Weapons can be used only once. And you cannot collect another weapon without using the one you have. 
  • Stay safe by avoiding other karts if you don't have any weapon at hand.
  • Eliminate all other karts until you win the game and get to the next level with winners. 

Create Your Room

  • For a more customized experience, you can create a room. Choose game mode between
    • Free For All
    • Gem Collector
    • Crown Holder
  • You can set either a time limit or score target to rule out how the session will end.
  • Select the preferred number of bots and actual players.
  • Pick a map that suits your taste.
  • Unique maps with excellent themes of Crazy Karts are named as follows: 
    • Base Camp
    • Fort Yard
    • Cemetery
    • Ice Rink

Customize Karts

Each kart smashing will load your pockets with money. Take your coins and head over to the marketplace to customize your driver. Unlock new skins and hats and paint your kart. 

Keep in mind that crazy hats and skins instinctively intimidate other online players, giving you a great chance to write your name on the leaderboard in future races!


FreezeNova created this game.

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