Coin Empire

You will get to rewrite history in Coin Empire! Start with a small village in the Stone Age. Create shelters, employ soldiers, and tame wild animals. Raid neighbors' attacks and create an empire. Upgrade your units to pass to other ages.

Coin Empire stands out as an idle empire-building game with a twist. As you construct your town and defend it from opponents, you'll also get to spin a slot machine to earn more coins. This unique blend of idle building and slot machine mechanics brings a fresh gameplay experience to traditional defense games.


Use your LMB or tap on icons to build a town

How to Play Coin Empire

  • You'll have an empty island at the beginning of Stone Age.
  • Construc buildings and upgrade them to get stars.
  • When you upgrade all of the buildings up to the 5th level, you can proceed to the next age and create another town with new units.
  • However, from time to time, your opponents will try to attack and loot your buildings. 
  • Defend your town and seek revenge when they do so. 
  • You'll need resources such as coins, crystals and stars to succeed in the game. 
  • Utilize the slot machine and spin until you have enough coins to build your dream town.
  • Unlock epic heroes such as Hercules, Zeus, Iron Musk and Thor by claiming chests.

Play Mini Games for More Coins

Navigate to the mini-games section at the bottom of your screen to play short games that'll bring you lots of coins.

You can play Simon Says, Match Cards, Guess the Number or solve a Maze Challenge. 

Progress Through Ages

Every build and upgrade in Coin Empire is a strategic decision. Each one brings you 1 star, and when you collect 25 stars, you'll enter a new era. Similar to the renowned PC game Age of Empire, you'll learn how to craft more advanced buildings over time. This strategic progression allows you to build different kinds of structures at each age, challenging you to adapt and evolve your empire. 

Are you ready to defend your town from merciless attacks and become the ruler of the ages?


MarketJS created Coin Empire.

Release Date

March 11, 2024


Coin Empire is not just an idle game; it's a diverse gaming experience. From the thrill of the slot machines to the interesting mini-games, you'll find yourself captivated with various tasks to keep up.

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