Blocky Parkour Ninja

This is the world of pixelated cubes and a ninja. Welcome to a world similar to Minecraft! Blocky Parkour Ninja is a free parkour game where the ninja jumps between the blocks without falling into the water. He set out on this path to sharpen his own skills. But moving forward in this world will take work. Because at the slightest carelessness of the player, the ninja may fall into the water. And eventually, this deadly water swallows him. You have to fight not to fall into the water. Complete the parkour as soon as possible! Because every second you spend on parkour counts. Here, your reflexes and quick wit will be tested.

How to Play Parkour Ninja?

Blocky Parkour Ninja is a simple but challenging game. The difficulty will escalate quickly as you level up. The game consists of 60 exciting levels, and different scenarios await you in each one. The difficulty of the levels will gradually increase. You are controlling the ninja with a first person view. And here, you need to reach the finish line by passing all the blocks without falling. The sooner you finish the level, the better because you are kept on a stopwatch while playing the game.


  • Vivid graphics and smooth gameplay
  • Adventurous gaming experience
  • 60 unique levels with increasing difficulty


  • Use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to move the ninja
  • Use your mouse to make the ninja hero see his side views
  • Use the Space key or the right-click of the mouse to jump
  • Press the Tab key to pause
  • Press the Escape key to show the cursor

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