Battle Royale Simulator

Battle Royale Simulator is a 3D shooting game where you land on the field with a parachute and face enemies. Your enemies are ready to attack you the moment they see you. You must be cautious while moving, as anyone could be behind you. Pick up your gun from the ground and eliminate the masked enemies in this battle game!

How to Play Battle Royale Simulator

A plane will carry you when you enter the game after deciding on how many enemies you will face from the menu. You have to jump when you come to a proper place. Your parachute will open, and you will land gently on the ground. The first thing to do is enter a house and pick up a weapon. Then, you can walk through the map or drive a vehicle near you. Try to survive among these fierce enemies until they are all gone!

Choose Your Challenge

You have the option to determine how many bots you will battle with on the map. You will see the player option on the left side of the main menu. Make your preferred choice and begin fighting. There are 10-player, 15-player and 20-player selections. We recommend you play with a large crowd, which will be a more enjoyable game experience.

Take a Look at the Store

As you win battles against the AI, you will gain Mega Coins. These coins will enable you to buy new stuff, such as a new character and weapon skins. Take a look at the Weapons and Characters section to view your options. You can also unlock the Blue Jeep, Truck Body Kit, Face Mask and Pockets from the “More” section.

When There Are No Bullets Left

Try to use the bullets as effectively as you can. You can also pick up more than a gun from the houses you enter. You can try this way to ensure survival. Pressing the E key will show you your weapon options. You may also use a car to crash the enemies. One solid hit will be enough to remove them.


WASD or Arrow Keys: Move
Left Click: Shoot
Right Click: Aim
E Key: Weapons Menu
Shift Key: Run
1-2-3 Number Keys: Change Weapons
G Key: Throw a Grenade
C Key: Crouch
F Key: Enter/Exit Car
K Key: Drop the Gun
Space Key: Jump
ESC/Tab Keys: Pause


Battle Royale Simulator was developed by FreezeNova.

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Battle Royale Simulator Free Online Game