Basket Champs

Basket Champs, an online basketball game, is designed to test players' precision skills. In each match, you have 5 free throws to outscore your rival team. Step into the tournament, prove your skills, qualify out of the group, and earn your spot in the championship match!


  • Move your mouse to adjust the angle and speed
  • Left-click to throw the ball

How to Play Basket Champs

  • At the beginning, choose the national team you'd like to represent.
  • Twenty teams, including the US, UK, Australia, France, and Turkey, are available for the tournament.
  • When the match starts, the ball will appear in random places on the court. Adjust the angle and speed, then throw the ball.
  • Both you and your rival will take five free throws in turns.
  • Score more than your opponent to win the match.
  • Your first aim is to win at least 3 games to qualify out of the group.
  • You'll play 4 matches in the group stage.
  • If you win 3 matches in the group, you'll advance to the quarter-finals. Eliminate other teams one by one to reach the championship match.

Take Extra Shots!

If the match ends in a tie, each team will be given one extra shot, known as sudden death.

This shot requires more precision and timing than any other in the game. Score it to see the smiles on your supporters' faces.

Doge is On Your Side

From time to time, you may see Doge on the screen cheering you on!

It will say affirmations like "Amaze!" adding fun and humor to the game.

Watch Out For Moving Hoops

As you progress in Basket Champs, you'll face hoops that move up and down and forward and backward. Take a deep breath and aim for the shooter's box calmly!

Understanding Arrows

Before throwing the ball, you can see where and how fast you're aiming. Look at the arc on the screen. If it's long, the ball will be thrown very fast. If it's too short, the ball may not reach the hoop.

You'll soon understand and enjoy the fun physics of Basket Champs.


RavalMatic created Basket Champs.

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