Arena Wars io

Arena Wars io is an intense multiplayer game that will give you the opportunity to enter in a gladiator style competition.You need to collect gems in order to upgrade your fighter.

There are 15 levels of character evolutions:
Level 1: Villager
Level 2: Wizard
Level 3: ORC
Level 4: Warrior
Level 5: Indian
Level 6: Skeleton
Level 7: Knight
Level 8: Goblin
Level 9: Viking
Level 10: Superhero
Level 11: Soldier
Level 12: Zombie
Level 13: Ninja
Level 14: Robot
Level 15: Villain

While you navigate through the landscape you will meet other players that will try to hit you with their weapon. Don't let them destroy instead take action and become the best warrior. Be vigilant, fight smartly and have fun!

Left mouse click to attack
Right mouse click to sprint
Cursor to move

Arena Wars io Online