Agent Smith

Agent Smith is the guy who has the mission to take down targets shown in the map.
This is a simulation full of shooting speed, weapons, enemies and items that will help gaining experience.
Complete every mission before the time is up, gain the recommended score and find the package. You need to move very fast because the enemies are in big number trying to put you down. 
Be ready to enjoy the explore mode too. You can make your exploration easier if you enter vehicles to drive through the city.

Shop section:
In the Shop section you will find the following items to buy:
• Jetpack - a game without a jetpack is barely a game at all
• Unlimited Weapon Ammo - A must-have for every triggerhappy hitman! Fire away!
• Unlimited grennade ammo - Taking down vehicles and building was never this easy! Stand clear!
• Godmode - You cannot die. Like God. It's a bit like cheating. No wait. It IS cheating.
• Vehicle Generator - You can spawn vehicles at will by pressing the 0-9 keys. No kore walking.
• Outfits - You can now change your wardrobe at the outfit marked on your minimap! Kill in style why don't you.
• Parking - New army vehicles have been added at a special parking spot marked on your minimap!
• Loot detector - Your mini map now displays the location of saves! It's like taking candy from a baby!
• Cash multiplier - We double every buck you make! Helps you save cash quicker for all the other stuff!
• Rabbitsfoot - Good old lucky charm. It sill smells fresh. You know you want it.
• Cold ine locator - Pinpoints all beverages and displays them on the minimap! Nifty!
• Golden Gun - Replaces your regular gun. Everyone knows a golden gun shoots harder!
• Shotgun - Own it at the start of each mission.
• Machine gun - Own it at the start of each mission.
• RPG - Own it at the start of each mission.

Achievements section:
Here you will find the progress of your Mini-shooter:
• First Blood - complete 1 mission
• Man Down - die once 
• Red Barrel Rage  - destroy 100 red barrels
• The Professional - drink 1000 cold ones
• Tank Buster - destroy 50 tanks
• The Butcher - kill 1000 bad guys
• Destroyer of Worlds - destroy 100 buildings 
• Postman - find 30 hidden packages
• Nission Master - complete 30 different missions
• Money Man - own $ 1,000,000

WASD or arrow keys to move
Space bar to jump
Left mouse click or Z to fire
Right mouse click to throw grenade
Left Shift or C to activate Smith Time
Mouse wheel, Q or E to change weapons
E or Enter to enter vehicle
Esc or P to pause
M to mute audio toggle
C to change camera view

Agent Smith Free