Where's My Pizza

How many times have you been mad at the local pizza place because they delivered your pizzas cold or missed some of your orders? Perhaps a few pizza parties were ruined by their mistakes, or you regretted ordering pizza instead of cooking at home while you were starving.

You might have called the restaurant in anger only to hear excuses about heavy traffic or a new delivery guy who doesn't know the neighborhood yet. Do you think they were telling the truth? Or were they just making these excuses?

There's only one way to find out: play a pizza delivery simulator online and experience their challenges firsthand.

"Where's My Pizza?" is a free web game where you're hired as the delivery guy for Paolo's Pizzeria. As it's a small business, they don't have much to offer you: free pizzas for lunch, an almost adequate income, and a creaky bike to deliver orders.

Hungry customers may yell in your face, "Where's my pizza?" even after you've worked so hard to deliver their orders. You might get hit by a bus on the road with all the pizzas in your trailer, or other accidents may happen. It's not an easy peasy job and might sound intimidating, but we promise you it's one of the most fun and humorous games you can play online. Now, let's give you an onboarding for your new role!


  • Ride the bike: LMB / space / up arrow key / right arrow key / W / D
  • Brake: Release the button

How To Play?

  • Deliver your pizza, riding your shaky bike. If you succeed the first level, Paolo will hire you. Tap or click to ride, and release to brake. Sounds easy, right?  
  • You'll ride all over the town on bumpy roads, trying not to drop any of the pizzas. Otherwise, you may not get the full tip.
  • Paolo counts on you in strategic business decisions. So, use your earnings to upgrade the business. You can buy a trailer cover for the bike or new ingredients to sell premium pizzas.
  • The interesting thing is that when you take a VIP order, Paolo stresses out so much that he cannot even function. You'll bear the burden for these orders. You'll be responsible for baking dough and selecting the correct toppings for the pizzas besides delivery. But you'll be rewarded with very handsome tips at the end. So why wait? Start your delivery journey now!


Wix Games created "Where's My Pizza?".

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Where's my Pizza? Play Online

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