Have you ever played Pentomino? You might have without even noticing! Yes, that's true. The well-known tiling puzzle game Tetris has its roots in a lesser-known called Pentominos.

Pentomino is a word derived from two Greek words, "pento" and "domino," meaning a shape that is composed of 5 squares. Developer Alexey Pajitnov once came up with a brilliant idea: "What if Pentominos had dominos consisting of 4 blocks instead of 5?" And thus, the concept of Tetraminos (commercially known as Tetris) came to life.

As of June 6, 2024, Tetris is 40 years old. Needless to say, the game proved itself to be timeless, with millions of users still playing it. OnlineGames.io is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Tetris by offering an HTML5 version.

If you're new to Tetris (or have forgotten about the rules a long time ago), here is the ultimate guide to becoming a Tetris master.


Desktops and Laptops

  • Move: A/D or Left/Right Arrow Keys¬†
  • Drop: S or Down Arrow
  • Rotate: W or Upper Arrow:¬†

Mobile Devices

  • Drag blocks to move.
  • Tap on a block to rotate.

How to Play Tetris?

  • Tetris is a game where you stack colorful blocks in a 20x10 grid.
  • Shapes resembling I, J, L, O, S, T, and Z letters (also known as Tetriminoes) fall slowly from the top of the screen.
  • While the shapes are falling, you can move them to the sides or rotate them to find the ideal angle and location to make the blocks perfectly fit into your grid.
  • When you fill a line completely, all the blocks in that line will disappear.
  • Your main goal is to clear as much as lines as possible before the tetriminoes start falling at a crazy speed.
  • Get the highest score and win this game before all the blocks pile up in a single column.

What is different in HTML5 Tetris?

Tetris on OnlineGames.io has several differences and improvements compared to the version released in 1984.

  • Unlike the original, this version is compatible with all kinds of smart devices, meaning you can play Tetris on your mobile, tablet, desktop, or laptop for free.
  • Secondly, this version embraces a neon theme, making it more colorful and futuristic compared to the original.
  • Lastly, this version has a bonus score mechanism. Some tetriminoes have stars on them, bringing bonus scores when players clear them away.

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