SwordBattle io

Welcome to the sword duels! SwordBattle.io is a 2D battle game where you will use your sword often. There will be many online players on the map. Some are big, some are minor. When you come across them, feel free to chop them up! As you eliminate the players, you will level up and get bigger. Try to take your place on the leaderboard in this io game!

How to Play SwordBattle.io

  • Grab your virtual sword and get ready to face many other players worldwide. 
  • Everyone here is alone. So, you must protect yourself and attack when needed.
  • There is a vast map divided into three parts. Each has specific settings: The Snowy Area, The Grassy Area and The Lava Field.
  • These settings are connected to each other by water channels. Right in the middle is the spawning point.
  • Head towards an area, and you will encounter players. Use your left mouse button or the space key to attack them.
  • The more you eliminate opponents, the more you earn coins. You can use them to get new skins from the shop section.

Beware of the Animals!

Besides other swordsmen, there are many wild animals on the map. You should pay attention to them as they may hurt you. Avoid the ones with the red eye. They can attack you. To dodge their attacks, you can run to the water channels. They can't get in there. The other animals won't touch you unless you do anything to them.

The Lava Field

The red area you see on the mini-map is the Lava Field. It has lots of igneous rocks. If you touch any of them, your health bar will start to decrease. When you enter the field, move forward cautiously. Stay away from the hot rocks. Remember, if you encounter an enemy while in contact with one of them, they will have the upper hand.

Throw the Sword

In close combat, swing your sword to your opponent. On the other hand, if you want to attack a rival who is far away, then use the C key and throw your sword at them. This way, you can hurt the opponents from afar. But keep in mind that you can't send swords successively. You have to wait a few seconds to send the second sword.


Desktops and Computers

  • Mouse: To Look Around
  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move
  • Left-Click or the Spacebar: Swing the Sword
  • C Key or Right-Click: Throw the Sword
  • Enter: Chat

Mobile Devices

  • Use the touchscreen and the virtual joystick.


Coder Gautam developed SwordBattle.io.

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SwordBattle.io Online Game