Swing Monkey

Let's get the monkey on the trampoline! Swing Monkey is a fun skill game where you swing the monkey through rings by tapping and holding the mouse button. Your primary mission here is to move the monkey between the rings and get it to the finish line. You will reach the next level as you get the monkey to the finish line.

How to Play Swing Monkey

  • With Swing Monkey, a delightful swinging game, you'll go on an exciting adventure as you swing through rings to cross a jungle. As you learn the skills of accuracy and momentum, your goal is to lead the monkey to the finish line.
  • When you start the game, the monkey will automatically fall towards the trampoline and start moving through the forest by gaining speed.
  • You need to hold the monkey to the rings using this speed.
  • Afterward, you must use the other rings on the game screen to accelerate the monkey and move forward to reach the finish.

Bouncing the Monkey

Trampolines that you can use to bounce off and generate speed are your starting point. Make sure to seize a ring as soon as possible because the trampoline's air time, the momentum's effectiveness you get by bouncing from the trampoline, is limited.

Grabbing the Rings

The move that will take you forward is to hold on to the rings and gain momentum. In order to gain momentum, precise grabbing is the key element. Holding on to the rings with a short rope wouldn't make much sense. Because this won't give you much speed. The longer the rope you hold on to the ring, the greater the intensity of the swing.

Soaring in the Air

If you swing or bounce high enough, you can fly across much of the course without holding onto any rings. At the beginning of the level, gather as much speed as you can to make navigating the obstacles a pleasure.


  • Use the left mouse button to make the monkey swing through the rings.


Swing Monkey was created by MarketJS.

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