Sudoku Village

Sudoku Village is an online puzzle game where the player tries to fill a 9x9 grid with a series of numbers. We can now play the classic and popular Sudoku game that our parents played in newspapers when they were young. Enjoy that classic and old game digitally without the need for a newspaper!

How to Play Sudoku Village

  • The game gives you a 9x9 grid. You will see some numbers pre-filled here. You need to fill each empty square with numbers from 1 to 9.
  • But remember that you can only use each number once in every unit. There should never be repeating numbers in a row, a column or a 3x3 square. This is the primary rule of Sudoku.
  • The best thing you can do when starting the game is, to begin with the squares that have the most numbers already filled in.

Process of Elimination

In Sudoku, a 3x3 square may lack a 7 and an 8, yet an empty spot along the same row already has an 8. This would imply that a 7 must be placed in the vacant area, and an 8 must be placed in the remaining blank. Getting these gaps filled in correctly is critical to progress. The player must go through Sudoku Village by elimination in this manner.

Benefits of Playing Sudoku Village

Since Sudoku is a game that involves brain activities, it has many benefits for mental health.

  • Concentration: It improves concentration because it involves logical thinking and acting. In order to master an entire 9x9 grid, you will need to use a lot of memory and concentration.
  • Problem Solving Skills: It is a bit of a challenge to memorize each column, row and 3x3 square and decide which numbers will go in which space. However, trying to do these contributes greatly to the player's problem-solving ability.
  • Memory: It may not be easy to remember rows and columns and a 9x9 grid, but as the players progress in the game, they will witness how much stronger their memory becomes.
  • Analyzing Skills: It helps the person playing Sudoku Village to make connections between the whole and the part. The key to this game is to place each square in the entire grid with appropriate numbers and in a way that does not repeat. The way to do this is to complete the 3x3 squares successfully.


  • Use your mouse click to choose an empty spot.
  • Register a number by pressing the 1-9 number keys.


Sudoku Village is created by MarketJS.

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Sudoku Village Free Online Game