Spacebar Clicker

Try not to wear out the key button you use a lot in Spacebar Clicker! It is a 2D clicker game where you press the space key as many times as you can. This way, you will earn points. Use them to get booster monkeys and boomer moms. They will help you gain more in the idle game! 🐒

About Spacebar Clicker

There is a huge space bar in cream color on the screen. Your objective in this clicker game is to hit it and earn points. Every time you click on the key, you will get a +1 point. When you collect specific figures of points, you can get boosters. They will greatly benefit you by allowing you to gain more.

To accelerate hitting speed, you can use both the space key on the screen and the actual button on your computer at the same time. It will double up your earnings. Or, you can try other combinations to get fast.

The Boosters of Spacebar Clicker

As you tap on the bar and get enough points, you will see boosters on the screen. There are many of them and as you earn scores, they will show themselves under each other. You can find brief explanations about them below.

  • Monkey: This monkey doesn’t know where the key button is, but it randomly hits all the buttons. It achieves success every 5 seconds.
  • Boomer Mom: Boomer Moms don’t know much about computers. So, they will constantly click on the screen. Each one of them will earn you 3 points in a second.
  • Gen Z Kid: These children grew up with computers, but they do not generally use key buttons. They only know how to scroll down, but they can get you 20 points in a second.
  • Keyboard Upgrade: When you click on the bar, Keyboard Upgrade will earn you a double score.

Speed Up Your Hitting

Until you acquire boosters, you will earn points very slowly. To accelerate your hit speed, you can combine different tapping combinations with each other. While pressing the spacebar with your index finger, you can also perform a double hit by using the mouse pad with your thumb.


Desktops and Computers

  • Space Key/Mouse: Earn Points

Mobile Devices

  • Use the virtual bar on the screen to score.


Spacebar Clicker was developed by CrociDB.

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Spacebar Clicker Multiplayer Online Game