Solitaire Adventure

Solitaire Adventure is a Tripeaks Solitaire game for everyone. There are ten islands with tripeaks puzzles waiting to be solved. Start with Bella's Island; she will guide you through this adventure. Collect cards and clear all the boards.

What is Tripeaks?

Tripeaks is a solitaire game invented by Robert Hogue, played with one deck. The goal is to clear all the cards on the tableau. The chances of winning are higher than other classic solitaire games, making the game a more fun pastime.

Solitaire Adventure combines Tripeaks rules with bonus features such as combos, boosters, and plenty of themes to choose from. 

How To Play Solitaire Adventure?

Start solving the first puzzle with Bella, and she will help you adjust the rules and gameplay. There are ten islands, each having 20 Tripeaks puzzles in them.

Start with Basics: Game Rules

  • There is a stockpile at the bottom. 
  • The last opened card in the stockpile is your hand.
  • Suits and colors don't matter in Tripeaks. Focus on the numbers.
  • Collect cards 1 higher or lower than your hand from the layout at the top.
  • Send them to waste pile.
  • You can only move face-up cards to the waste pile.
  • As you collect, face down ones will flip.
  • You will get coins for collecting each. 
  • When you have no moves to make, open up another card from the stockpile. 
  • Try to clear the board until all of them are collected.

Undo and Add Cards Functions

  • Use undo when you miss a playable card. The first undo move is 250 coins. The more you use undo, the more expensive it is to use. 
  • When you consumed all the stockpile but couldn't collect all the above, add 5 more cards by spending your coins.

Getting Serious: Combos and Boosters

  • Rocket & Wild Cards: Use these to collect any available card.
  • Stars: To earn a Combo Star, collect 5 cards in a row. To earn a Second Combo Star, collect 5 in a row twice.
  • Shell: Exchange the shells with any kind of boosters.
  • Combo Doubler: Double the combos for every collection.
  • Full Flip: Opens up all the pile.
  • Bella's Wish: This will ease collecting for you.
  • Bomb Defender: Clear all the bombs by using the defender.
  • Candle: Some cards might get cobwebs all over them. Use a candle to clear the web.
  • Hatchet: Clear all vines.
  • Trident: Clears all snakes.
  • No Up & Down: Clears up and down from all.
  • Cheese Tactics: Clears mouse from all.

If game rules seem complex to you, don't worry! A comprehensive tutorial in the game will adjust you slowly before diving into details.

Solitaire Adventure Features

  • Daily rewards, wheel spin and jackpot to multiply coins
  • Hundreds of levels to complete
  • Customize decks with themes of World Cup, Halloween, Christmas and Zuma
  • Lovely visuals and engaging gameplay

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