Sandspiel is a creative sandbox game that combines art and science. In this sand falling game, you can create environments by manipulating elements like water, sand, fire, and many more.

Each element uniquely reacts with another. This results in a great variety of results with the 20 items at your disposal. The reactions they create arouse curiosity and allow you to trust your physical intuitions while having fun.

A Canvas of Science

You will begin with a sandbox environment where there is nothing but sand on the screen. Ignite fires and mix them with dust and oil, creating horrific chaos. Or plant seeds, build a lake and beautiful forest resembling pixel art. You can do infinite science experiments and observe chain reactions. 

Max Bittker, the visionary behind Sandspiel, captures his passion for Sandspiel, expressing,

Sand falling games' mode of play is creative in a way that activates many parts of your imagination. Playing with the elements means asking questions, building experiments, and inventing stories and games of your own.

He also mentions that dust is one of his favorite elements as he admires how it absorbs other materials and diffuses water into mud.

Keep reading this post to learn how to play, elements, features and fun facts about Sandpiel.

What is Sandspiel?

Sandspiel is a pixelated sandbox game where players create different environments by drawing elements on a canvas. With 20 elements to choose from, each possessing its unique reaction, the game is rich in diverse outcomes that keep players engaged and curious. The game makes learning science fun and exciting.

How to Play Sandspiel?

  • Use the toolbox on the top right of your screen to select elements. Choose your preferred line size, and start drawing pixel art.
  • Elements will fall down with gravity and begin to interact with each other immediately.
  • Hit the pause button to prevent elements from falling and interacting with each other.
  • You can draw objects both in play mode and pause mode.
  • Some players prefer to draw when the pause toggle is on. And hit play at the end to see what interactions happen in their artwork. 
  • Undo an action when you misdraw.
  • Imagine, play, and experiment with 20 different elements.

Learn About the Elements

We have explained the elements of this drawing game in a brief list below. However, there are thousands of possible reactions that wouldn't fit on any list. Learn the basics and dive into exploration.


  • Sand: Sinks in water.
  • Stone: Transforms into sand under pressure.
  • Wall: Unbreakable.
  • Wood: Durable.
  • Empty: Erases.
  • Water: Extinguishes fire.
  • Ice: Freezes water and creates a slippery surface.
  • Wind: Influences the movement of elements.


  • Fire: Burns down wood and plants.
  • Gas: Highly flammable!


  • Lava: Liquid fire, dense, and melts most objects.
  • Cloner: Replicates the first object it touches.
  • Acid: Erodes other elements.


  • Dust: Explosive.
  • Rocket: Explodes upon contact with the first element.
  • Oil: Produces smoke when ignited.

Living Entities

  • Seed: Grows on sand, plant, and fungus.
  • Plant: Thrives in sand and water.
  • Fungus: Rapidly spreads.
  • Mite: Consumes wood and plants.
Sandspiel Elements

Share Your Creations

People of all ages admire and enjoy Sandspiel. People have uploaded more than 70,000 creations with many different subjects. While some use the game as a paint-on browser and create artwork, some are more interested in the reactions elements bring. In this, if you'd like to get inspired and inspire others, remember to take pictures of your art and share it with your friends.


Sandspiel was created by Max Bittker.

Last Word From Editor

Our editor shares her fondness for Sandspiel in the following words:

"When I first played Sandspiel, I was mesmerized by visual aesthetics. Beyond sparking my curiosity and urging me to do many experiments, what happens on the screen mostly has gone beyond my expectations. One of my top picks is exploring the interaction of flammable materials, such as dust, oil, fire, gas, and rocket.

Sandspiel not only provides infinite opportunities for exploration but also has the answers to many questions I used to ponder as a child. It is a safe space for kids to quench their curiosity about nature while delivering a fun and relaxing experience for adults.

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