Papa's Bakeria

Papa Louie opened a brand new restaurant: Papa's Bakeria! Cecilia and Timmy's first plans were to be dancers, but somehow they ended up managing this restaurant at Whiskfield Mall. Along this new career path, they will learn how to bake the perfect pie and explore new pie recipes. Customers are tough; so don't wait to help them to build a bakery kingdom!


Use left mouse button

How to Play Papa's Bakeria

  • Your mission is to take orders, bake perfect pies, add the topping according to the ticket orders. Deliver on time and get the handsome tips from customers!
  • Papa Louie will help you with your first order and help you get accustomed to running a bakery. After that, you're on your own to managing this restaurant.

Take Orders

  • Customers have orders with many special requirements. Some like apple filling, while some are fond of chocolate pies.
  • They might have extremely specific demands about the dough and toppings and decorations, such as only six slices of bananas on the inner ring of the pie.
  • We know dealing with these picky customers is not an easy job, but that's the reason you were hired in the first place.
  • Pay close attention to what the customers want in the first place and add the ingredients accordingly. Pop the pie out of the oven right on time, and we promise you'll multiply the earnings!

Time Management

  • As the business grows, customers will line up in front of Papa's Bakeria. You shouldn't make them wait for long.
  • Take orders from all and start baking.
  • You can decorate one while one order is in the oven. Deliver the orders in time for happy customers scoring big!

Decorate the Bakery

This job pays well! You'll get weekly paychecks. You can use your earnings to upgrade the bakery by buying new furniture or other tools that'll help you manage the restaurant.

All the things you buy for the restaurant (even posters and wallpapers you hang on the wall in the lobby) serve a purpose such as making customers more content even they wait for too long.

Play Mini Games

After a long day at the bakery, you can blow off steam by playing mini-games to unlock new outfits and other items to customize your character.

In conclusion, Papa's Bakeria is a game with a myriad of features and unlockable items, offering a high replayability value. If you'd like to come back to play again, there are three slots to save your progress.  you can continue where you left off unless you delete browser cache.


Papa's Bakeria is developed by Flipline Studios.

Do I need Flash Player to play Papa's Bakeria ?

No you don't need flash player to play Papa's Bakeria. We use Ruffle emulation technology that works on our side, making flash games playable without installing any file!

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