Microsoft Minesweeper

Microsoft Minesweeper is an old but classic puzzle game where the player tries to uncover the blue squares without touching any mine. There are hidden mines scattered throughout the board. You need to uncover all safe squares before coming into contact with any of these mines. Exploding any mine will cause you to lose the game. Playing this game on the web, one of the most popular puzzle games of the 90s, will give you a pleasant time! 💣

How to Play Microsoft Minesweeper

In the game, you will see a board full of blue squares. This board may be larger or smaller depending on the difficulty level. There are many mines hidden under this board. You need to uncover each of the safe blue squares one by one without touching any of the mines.

You will see numbers on the squares you open. These numbers show how many mines are around that square. You can act tactically using these numbers. You should be more careful when moving around squares with a big number.

Game Modes in Microsoft Minesweeper

  • Easy 9x9: In easy mode, you will see 81 blue squares. While some of them are safe, some have mines. There are 10 mines in total in this mode. Uncover each blue square without touching the mines. The moment you click on the first square, time starts counting.
  • Medium 16x16: Things start to get a little heated in medium mode. In this mode, the board consists of 256 squares. And there are 40 mines among these squares. Let's see if you can uncover all the safe squares without touching these 40 mines.
  • Expert 30x16: Here is the most challenging mode. There are exactly 480 blue squares here. And there are 99 mines among them. This is the board where you can demonstrate your mastery.

Daily Challenges to Tackle

Microsoft Minesweepers offers you daily challenges. You can find many different game modes. There are difficulty levels in the modes here. You can view these difficulty levels right above the section where the mode appears.

  • Flags: Mark the locations of ten mines with flags.
  • Detonation: Set off 15 mines in no more than 18 movements.
  • Classic: Clear the board in less than eight minutes and twenty seconds without setting off more than three mines.
  • Treasure Hunt: Avoid setting off more than three mines to find the treasure they encircle.
  • Taps: Tap ten covered squares without setting off more than one mine. There is no room for flags.


  • Uncover squares with a simple mouse click.


Minesweeper was created by Microsoft.

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