Legends Arena


Legends Arena is an online shooting game where you battle with your enemies as a team. There are many game options. You can play in 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 modes. The 5v5 option is exclusively on the Battle Stage map. Pick up your guns and walk side by side with your team in this battle game! It will be delightful to team up. ⚔️

How to Play Legends Arena

You will be teamed up with other online players worldwide in the game. Choose the game map and the game mode option you want to battle in. You will see maps and mode options when you tap on the “Play” button. Make your choices, and you will find yourself in the selected arena as you wish. When you get shot, we recommend you go to the green cubes with a plus symbol to recover.

Heroes to Unlock

View the heroes by clicking on the “Heroes” section from the main menu. You will see many fantastic characters. They are waiting to be unlocked. As you win battles, you can access them easily. You will start playing with Jane first. She is an energetic girl, and her favorite color is pink. You can see some of the heroes below, who are our favorites.

  • Maya
  • Luke
  • Lily
  • Pofy

Battling Arenas

There are 3 unique maps: Justice Plaza, Chaos Square and Battle Stage. Each has specific environments to offer. Only the Battle Stage provides you with a deathmatch with teams of five. More people means more contentious battles! Show everyone that you are invincible.

  • Justice Plaza features a vibrant, colorful arena with many futuristic structures.
  • Chaos Square is a place where you will find factory-like buildings. Scientific experiments are carried out here.
  • Battle Stage is a large map with a recycling area. You may find many places to hide and seek quickly.

Use Your Chance

View the boxes you have earned from the Loots section. Opening the loot boxes will earn you rewards such as legend coins and character upgrades. You may also participate in sweepstakes and unlock new heroes by using your diamonds.


  • To move, use the WASD keys.
  • To reload bullets, use the R key.
  • To bend down, use the C key.
  • To jump, use the Space key.
  • To run, use the Left-Shift key.
  • To change between weapons 1,2,3,4 or scroll


Legends Arena is created by FreezeNova.

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