3D Best New Games io Games Multiplayer Pixel Shooting L 0 is a pixaled first-person shooter.As far as shooter games go, this one is so much fun. The actual first-person gameplay is hectic and fast-paced Before fighting, choose from one of 11 different classes including detective, rocketeer, agent, runner, Bowman, and hunter. Each class has a different style and outfit. This game can be played casually to pass the time, or seriously in competition against other die-hards.

• More than 5 characters to play with
• You can spray paint
• Fast-paced gameplay
• Smooth controls
• Play Krunker in fullscreen by pressing the fullscreen icon. You can find the fullscreen icon in the bottom right corner of the game.
• Spectate mode if you want to just watch the gameplay.

• Use the WASD keys to move
• Left click to shoot
• R to reload
• C to aim / zoom
• Space bar to jump
• Shift to crouch
• F to spray paint

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