Jackpot Casino

Jackpot Casino is a free slot game where your main aim is to line up the same symbols on the slot machine side by side to claim your prize. You will see that the machine is adorned with many symbols. Spin the reels and try to get at least three identical tokens shoulder-to-shoulder. Hit the jackpot in this exciting kids game!🎰

How to Play Jackpot Casino

You will see three lines on the slot machine screen with various symbols such as helmet, castle and sword. You can get your reward when at least three of the same tokens come together. As you increase the number of the lines from the lower left corner, the number of the bet credits also goes up. You can increase the bet to the maximum, corresponding to 500 if you want. If you have set the bet, you can now spin the reels!

The Reward

The reward you will get from the machine can be a bonus game or specific points. There will be five precious stones on a shelf in a bonus game. You will pick three of them, and they will earn you points. But you must be cautious to select the stones as some may not bring you anything carrying zero value. Use your luck and try to choose the stones with the highest point!

Set Line Value

You will determine the number value of the lines from the relevant button. Increasing the number of lines will bring you more luck in the game. The more lines you activate, the more chances you have of winning from multiple directions. For example, setting the number to one allows you to win a bonus game from the middle line. But increasing it to three gives you rewards from all three lines.


How can I understand the game is over?

When you run out of all your bet credits, it means the game is over. You can view your credits from the red box, which is right above the “Bet Max” button. Increasing your total bet number will cause these credits to run out faster. Use them wisely!

Can I increase the reduced bet credit?

Yes, you can increase your bet credit. You only need to click on the plus symbol near the red box. Each click earns you +10 credits.


  • Left mouse click: To spin the machine


Jackpot Casino was developed by FreezeNova.

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Jackpot Casino is an online simulation game intended for entertainment purposes only. It does not offer, encourage, or involve real money gambling or the opportunity to win real money prizes. Success in Jackpot Casino does not guarantee success in real money gambling. All activities within the game are simulated and have no real-world monetary value. Users are advised to play responsibly.

Jackpot Casino Free Online Game