House Painter

Grab your painting brushes! We will paint all the houses in this city. House Painter is a web-based city-building game where you paint houses by solving puzzles and place them in your town.

How to Play House Painter

  • With similar gameplay mechanics to Tomb of the Mask, you need to paint all 4 walls of a house on each level. 
  • No single spot on the wall should be left blank.
  • You can move the brush using WASD or arrow keys. 
  • Windows and wooden panels on the walls and bushes around create tough spots to paint. 
  • Use your logic and move the brush around the wall to paint in those places.
  • Let's say there is a spot you can't paint; take a look at the column and row it is located. Find a way to move the brush to that row or column using obstacles on the wall. Then, pass it through the spot to paint it. 

Build Your City

  • At each level, you'll paint more complex shapes of houses. Since each landlord has different preferences, the colors will also change. After finishing a level, head over to the city map. You can build the house in a place you'd like in the city. Organize different colors and shapes of houses for a more visually appealing city. 
  • Complete all the levels to create a vibrant neighborhood. You can use your in-game currency to upgrade houses and add windmills.
  • Click on the R icon to clear them all and restart building the city. 


WASD, arrow keys or LMB to move the brush and paint


Zupga made this game.

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House Painter Online Game