Dorfromantik lovers out there! We have great news! Now, you can play your favorite board game online for free. Hexotopia is a city-building game that is very similar to the famous board game Dorfromantik. Become an urban planner and create your little utopian town in Hexotopia with a gorgeous landscape. Place hexagonal tiles with country houses, rivers, forests, and wheat fields on them. Find ease and relaxation in the cozy visuals and music of Hexotopia. Start laying the hexes down!

What is Dorfromantik?

Dorfromantik, also known as Village Romance, is a board game where players lay hexagonal tiles to create a beautiful landscape, fulfill population orders, and place long tracks and rivers for points. Hexotopia is a free browser game, just like Dorfromantik. The best part is that the 3D visuals of Hexotopia add even more to the charm of building a romantic city. Join us in the world of Hexotopia and let your imagination run wild!

How to Play Hexotopia?

  • You will have a deck of hexagon tiles (hexes) and a green base tile in the middle.
  • You can lay a tile by connecting it to another tile. This means a single tile cannot be placed alone (as an island).
  • Distribute tiles in your deck evenly and complete the missions.
  • If you'd like to rotate a tile before placing it, double-click on it.

Made a Mistake?

It's all good if you misplace a tile. You can revert the situation with one of these three moves (which can be seen at the bottom right of the screen):

  • Remove a Hex: It simply removes a formerly placed tile you select on the map. 
  • Swap Hexes: Swap adjacent hexes by using this booster.
  • Replace the Top Hex: Replace the top tile in your deck with a random landscape.

Game Modes of Hexotopia

Two game modes are available in Hexotopia. Each has unique challenges. Play both and decide which one is your cup of tea. Learn about the modes below.

Follow the Missions: Global Map

  • Global Map consists of a series of puzzles where you need to complete all the tasks to complete a level. You will see the tasks to complete at the beginning of each level. If you forget the tasks, just click on the dart icon to see them. 
  • You will start with simple tasks such as making a chain of cities.
  • In order to make a chain, you should connect the sides of the hexes with the same landscape.
  • Let's say you have 2 identical tiles; half of the hex is houses, and the other half is forest. If you connect the house sides of these two tiles, then you make a chain of city. Suppose you combine them from the forest sides of hexes; then, it will be a chain of the forests.
  • New tiles with different types of landscapes will be unlocked as you progress.
  • Try to avoid accumulating the same type of tiles in a neighborhood. People will need green areas around them.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Creative Mode

In the Creative Mode, there are no missions to follow, and all types of tiles are unlocked. However, basic game rules apply in creative mode as well. These rules are

  • You cannot place a tile without connecting to another. 
  • Rivers, roads, and railways can only be placed by connecting each to a chain of its own. 

Other than these two rules, you are free to build the city of your dreams. Just imagine and keep on constructing!

Enjoy Seasons in Hexotopia

We couldn't think of a town where no leaves drop in autumn, or no snowflake falls in the winter. This is why Hexotopia has 3 different seasonal decks: Summer, autumn and winter. 

Navigate to the deck menu on the main screen and choose the theme of the season you love. The colors and dynamics of each scene are fascinating to play. 


  • WASD:  Move camera
  • Drag Mouse: Move tile
  • Double Click: Rotate tile
  • Scroll: Zoom in/out map

Mobile Controls

  • Drag: Move tile / Move camera
  • Pinch: Zoom in/out map
  • Tap: Rotate tile


Hexotopia was created by AA2G1.

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Hexotopia Free Online Game