Fried Noodles

Who can resist a bowl of delicious noodles with soy sauce and veggies? 

In Fried Noodles, you can cook your own stir-fried noodles and add any ingredients you desire. See if you can consume the meal in under 20 seconds! 

What is Fried Noodles Game?

Fried Noodles is a Chinese cooking game with visually pleasing graphics that you can enjoy for free on Make any noodle dish that suits your taste buds perfectly. Whether you prefer chicken or steaks, broccoli or bok choy, you are free to mix and match in this game.

How to Play Fried Noodles?

  • Choose a dough that you like between 8 colorful noodle doughs.
  • Plug the electric noodle machine, add the dough to it, and press the button. It will give you strips.
  • Boil a pot of water and add the noodles. Cook them until they are soft enough.
  • Take the noodles into a bowl to keep them until you make a yummy sauce.
  • Add some olive oil into a separate pan, and stir fry noodles until golden brown. Then, pass to other ingredients.

Meat and Veggies

  • Choose the delis such as ham, bacon, sausages, steaks and many others.
  • Next, it's time to pick veggies. Your options are mushroom, radish tomato, cucumbers, bell peppers, bok choy and broccoli. 
  • Add salt, pepper and soy sauce to make the dish more savory.
  • Finally, mix everything together until the flavors are fully combined.
  • And that's it! Your delicious bowl of fried noodles is now ready to be served. Do you smell the savory smell of stir-fried noodles over your screen?
  • Remember to tap the eat button and finish the bowl in under 20 seconds.


  • Use your mouse button to select ingredients.


FreezeNova created this game.

Release Date

Aug 10, 2020

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Fried Noodles Online Game