Car Tracks Unlimited


Car Tracks Unlimited is a 3D driving game where you are on top of a platform with your car and try to overcome obstacles, such as swinging blades and rough roads. There will be many ups and downs for your vehicle to go beyond. This driving game requires you to use your steering skills well!

How to Play Car Tracks Unlimited

Start with selecting your vehicle among the 6 different vehicles ranging from sports cars to an ice cream van. Yes, you heard right! An ice cream van. All the vehicles are accessible without the need for unlocking.

Whatever you do, try not to fall down while trying to overcome the obstacles. If you fall, you will fail the level. Ten challenging levels are waiting for you to be accomplished. Overcoming the platforms will be very challenging!

Attention Please!

You will see two bars at the top of the screen. The red bar shows you the gas level of your vehicle. You can not move forward on the platform if you run out of gas. So, while steering the car, collect the gas tanks on the road.

The green bar indicates the health level of the vehicle. If you are hit by an obstacle, such as swinging blades, your vehicle’s stamina decreases. Check out the bars to pass the levels with a light heart!

Swinging Blades and Explosive Substances

You will encounter many obstacles on the way. There will be many bumpy roads, swinging blades, and explosive substances.

If your car gets hit by a blade or is in contact with any explosive substance, its health bar decreases. In addition, swinging blades may cause the vehicle to fall off the track. Keep your eyes open!

Go Slowly

We know that everybody loves speed, but success means going slowly in this game. To pass the challenges, you need to move forward cautiously. If you go step by step, you can handle every difficulty on the platforms.


  • To steer the car, use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys.
  • To pause, use the Tab key.
  • To change the camera view, use the C key.


Car Tracks Unlimited is created by FreezeNova.

What is More?

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Car Tracks Unlimited Free Online Game