Total Recoil

Want to engage in robot wars? The walking metals challenge you to a duel! Total Recoil is a shooting game in which you are a soldier in a factory. There will be many robotic creatures coming towards you. They will do their best to hurt you. Dodge their attacks by jumping left and right. Destroy them and get the stars in the action game.🤖

How to Play Total Recoil?

  • You will be all alone in the factory. Evil robots have invaded it. They got out of control. And you are that soldier who will restore the order.
  • You must be ready for their attacks. They can come from anywhere. When you see one, don’t let them get closer to you.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys or the mouse buttons to fire on them. Keep in mind that your soldier will jump in the opposite direction if you fire the gun. You should consider this when aiming at them.
  • Additionally, don’t forget to collect the stars and coins dropped to the ground. The coins will allow you to unlock new and powerful soldiers. On the other hand, the stars will enable you to pass the level with a three-star ranking.

Soaring Rockets

Besides the evil metals, rockets also threaten you in the action game. You will see exclamation marks on the screen from time to time. The marks indicate that a rocket is coming towards you from that direction. Try to avoid getting in contact with them by hopping. Or they can remove you from the factory!

Mad, Johnny B. and Many More

In the shooting game, you have 30 challenging levels to pass. And with each one, the atmosphere of the factory will get heated. Unlocking soldiers like Johnny B. or Red will help you overcome the harsh levels.

Collect the coins and stars dropped from the robots to get new soldiers. Go to the Shop section by tapping the dollar icon from the pause menu to view your options. We will leave the names of the soldiers below for you.

  • Old Rick
  • Mad
  • Johnny B.
  • Red
  • T.
  • Michelle
  • Spec Ops


  • Left-Right Arrow Keys/Left-Right Clicks: Shoot
  • Use the joysticks on the left and right side of the screen on mobile devices.


QKY Games developed Total Recoil.

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Total Recoil Online Game