Shellshocker Keyboard Controls

In Shell game you have an egg character ready to join the battles against other opponents.
Create your own strategy in this funny shooting game and survive from all dangerous insights. You can play public matches or with friends but first you need to create a private game mode and choose a server.
Available servers:
• Germany
• Us East 
• Us Central
• Us West 
• Chile
• Singapore 
• Sydney 

Profile Section

Here are presented the following details about the egg character.
• Stats
• Lifetime 
• Monthly 
• Game Mode - Kills, Deaths
• Weapons - Kills, Deaths

Inventory in Shell

Here you will be able to choose the weapons and the color of the egg.
• Eggk-47
• Scrambler
• Free Ranger
• Rpegg
• Whipper
• Crackshot 
• Tri-Hard

Shop Section

You are able to buy different items and accessories for the egg.
• Premium hats and weapon
• Stickers for the egg 
• Pile O'Eggs
• Basket O'Eggs 
• Big Box O'Eggs

Game Modes

• Teams mode -play in the team of eggs against others
• Captula The Spatula - join other chefs in the kitchen
• Free for all - complete freedom to shoot everyone 
• King of the Coop - become rooster royalty 

Shell Controls

• WASD to move
• Left click to shoot
• E to change weapon
• Q to throw a grenade
• R to reload
• Space bar to jump
• Shift bar to zoom and aim

Shell Game