The place is a mess. You're hired as a professional organizer. Tidy up the place, throw out the garbage, arrange drawers and put items in the closets. Give your client's home a breath of fresh air by getting rid of the overwhelming clutter. Come on, get to work! 

Organize It is a 2D puzzle game you can play on your browser on any smart device. In 5 unique levels, each taking place in a different room of the house, your job remains the same: organizing the place for a clean and tidy home. Learn how to play this game below.

How to Play Organize It

  • Cleaning and organizing is a job requiring physical effort. So you need energy.
  • Start by filling up your energy in the main menu. Then, pass on to the levels.
  • To complete a level, you should place all the items in the correct spots within the given time limit.
  • If you feel stuck, no big deal; you can take a hint and see the complete version of the level.¬†


The first duty is the wardrobe. Hang the clothes, put the shoes on shelves. Fold the sheets neatly and organize the wardrobe up and over. Place the suitcases and purses where they belong. After all the work, the closet will much more spacious.

Pet Room

With lots of animals in this room, it is not surprising the place is a mess. Grab the furry friends and leave to designated spots. It is easy to guess which pet likes certain items for animal lovers. Cats and balls, birds and mirrors, hamsters and wheels get along, don't they? Give the furry friends a neat home.


Okay, we get it; girlies can be a little untidy while preparing for a big night. After all the rush of choosing a dress and doing your hair and make-up, toiletries might have scattered around a bit. But once you get in, it's all set. Arrange hair dryers, skincare products and lipsticks in boxes. Get the place ready for the next event.


Somebody had cooked here. The kitchen is one of the craziest levels of this game, as the number of items to place is the highest. Plates, knives, jars, and other utensils are dancing in the air. Throw the banana peels and other waste into the bin. Load the dishwasher and arrange the drawers. After you complete your work, you get the right to not let anyone in the kitchen, even for a glass of water!

Kids Room

This one is our favorite; the kids' room has a variety of toys around. Cars, dolls, balls, legos and paints are everywhere. It's challenging trying not to step on a lego piece in this room. But they will appreciate your efforts!


Use your mouse or touchscreen to drag items.


Yiv Games created this game.

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