Knife Throw

Test your throwing skills in Knife Throw game. Let's slice all the apples on the moving disk. Play until you break the disk but keep in mind that you have a limited number on knives.  Accept the challenge and concentrate to show the throwing skills.

There are 20 types of knives are to be unlocked. First 8 of them will be unlocked when you slice 250 apples, then the rest you will have to Boss defeat in order to have the chance to try them.

• Boss defeat: cheese
• Boss defeat: tomato
• Boss defeat: lemon
• Boss defeat: sushi roll
• Boss defeat: fortune wheel
• Boss defeat: the donut 
• Boss defeat: the tire 
• Boss defeat: viking shield 
• Boss defeat: the vinyl
• Boss defeat: the gear 
• Boss defeat: the compass
• Boss defeat: the doll

It's your chance to spend time relaxing and throwing knives at the same time. 

Knife Throw Controls:
Tap or click mouse to throw a knife and hit the apples. Once you've hit all the apples, keep throwing knives at the disk until you break it.

Knife Throw Free