Gummy Blocks

Gummy Blocks is a puzzle game where you must position sweets in the form of blocks in the playing area. Make sure to put each candy somewhere. If you manage to fill a row or column entirely with the specified candies, that row or column will be thoroughly cleaned and opened to fill with cute blocks again. Play the game and get into the Tetris spirit!

How to Play Gummy Blocks

This game necessitates strategic thought in order to put the blocks mindfully. The goal of this game is to go forward by arranging candies with different shapes at the bottom of the screen in the most acceptable way, leaving no gap in the grids, similar to Tetris in the 1980s.

Game Rules of Gummy Blocks

  • Sadly, there isn't a way for you to change the direction of the candies that have been handed to you. The shapes on the screen must be as seamlessly integrated into the playing field as you can to fill the grids.
  • You have to use all of the blocks provided to you before the game gives you fresh ones. Keeping in mind the forms of the other blocks in your hand, place each one of them one by one on the grids.
  • You can gain significant points if you are able to demolish multiple lines at once.
  • You can not remove a candy after you have placed it.

How is my score calculated in Gummy Blocks?

You earn points for each block you place according to how many grids it occupies. And each row or column you remove earns you 10 points.

Are Tetris and Gummy Blocks the same?

  • While Tetris served as an inspiration for the Gummy Blocks game, there are some distinctions between the two.
  • In Tetris, for instance, the blocks fall from top to bottom, and the subsequent block may appear at the border of the screen; in Gummy Blocks, on the other hand, the candies remain still below.
  • Additionally, until you utilize all of the available sweets, you won't be able to view new ones.


  • You can move the candies in the desired direction by tapping and holding the left mouse button while moving the candies.


Gummy Blocks was created by Codethislab.

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