Gulper io

Gulper io is a multiplayer snake game where your aim is to collect Tron light cycles to get bigger in size. But you must avoid getting into contact with any other snakes or walls. Otherwise, you will have to start from scratch. Dominate the playground by being the biggest gulper among others, and write your name on the leaderboard in one of the most challenging io games!

How to Play Gulper io

Gulpers are deep-sea eels that have enormous jaws. You will take the place of one of them in this arcade game! Terrifying, right? There are many other gulpers on the playing field. Like you, they will also try to take the light cycles and grow in size to rule the sea. Any contact with them or walls will cause you to start as a little gulper again. Avoid them as much as possible, especially the larger ones. You can easily escape from the little ones, but the bigger gulpers are real threats.

Change Your Gulper’s Color

Before joining the game, give your gulper a nickname and determine its color from the slider in the lower right corner of the screen. When you scroll by holding down the left mouse button, you will see the color change. Choose your favorite color for the gulper, and then you will be ready to engage in snake wars! It will be a very colorful war for the eyes.

Accelerate the Gulper

You can speed up your snake by clicking the left mouse button or the spacebar. The accelerated speed can help you dodge other players in the quickest way possible when you encounter one of them. In addition, you can easily take up many light cycles in a shorter period by accelerating. When a snake is eliminated, it will drop all its eaten pellets. To collect them quickly before others do, use this speed-up to your benefit!

Trap Your Adversaries

Move forward strategically! As you get bigger and longer in size, you can use these against your opponents. You can easily trap them by drawing circles around them. It will block them from slipping away through your snake’s body. Move in a way that leaves others no escape route. Remember that if there are two giant snakes on the playing field, this means limited movement space for the little gulpers and the big ones.

Rooms in Gulper io

You have the option to join one of the available rooms. Or you can create one. After entering your nickname into the input field, add the @ sign and enter the name of the game room. If enough players join the room, it can be successfully created when the same name is entered in the input field during a certain time. These kinds of rooms are called private rooms. Public rooms are accessible to every player just by entering a nickname.


  • Mouse: Move
  • Left-Click or Spacebar: Accelerate
  • Touchscreen: for Mobile Devices


Gulper io was developed by tonsomar.

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Gulper io Online Game