The little girl wants to get on a boat! But she needs permission from boat owner Felix, who has been living in the mountains. She's very determined to find him and a natural in climbing. Guide her through a vast jungle filled with rivers, bushes, and campers. Help her find Felix! She’ll gain new skills and learn life lessons on this journey!

Edelweiss is a 3D online multiplayer adventure game with a cozy atmosphere and calming sounds. Whether you play it on your mobile or computer, you'll learn new skills and lots of fun in Edelweiss.



  • Move: WASD/Arrow keys
  • Jump/Interact: Spacebar


  • Move by dragging the virtual joystick on the screen
  • Jump by tapping the action button

Edelweiss: How to Play?

  • For single-player mode, hit the play button to enter the game instantly.
  • If you prefer to play the game with a friend, refresh the game pass and send it to your friend to invite them to the room.
  • You'll spawn in a town near the cliff. Use WASD or arrow keys to move. The movement will change relative to the camera. So use controls accordingly.
  • Press the spacebar or action button to jump over the walls.
  • The main purpose of the game is to find Felix, the boat owner, living in the mountains. However, Edelweiss is more of a journey where you build new climbing skills, learn from elders, and solve puzzles about how to get from one cliff to another.

Chat with Grandmas and Campers

  • Grandmas: Meet grandmas by approaching them and pressing space. They'll tell you stories about how they used to be little girls climbing all over the mountain once. In the meantime, they will give valuable recommendations on how to climb, slide, double jump and glide in certain conditions.
  • Campers: You may see campers in multiple places. They work as a checkpoint in this game. So, when you spot a camper, it's important to go and talk with them to save your progress. If you fall down from a cliff, they'll take care of you and let you rest in their camping tents. Campers also offer some water, refreshing you up and improving your skills.
  • On the other hand, if you close your browser tab, you need to start over from the beginning.

Collect Edelweiss to Build Stamina

At first, you have a certain level of courage and stamina to climb walls. You need to collect Edelweiss flowers to build health and stamina. The higher the stamina levels, the more you can climb. Seek flowers in deserted places, such as behind doors or on the top of the hills.

What does Edelweiss mean and symbolize?

Edelweiss is a German word for a white wildflower. The word is derived from "edel" meaning noble, and "weiss" meaning white. This beautiful flower usually grows in tough conditions of high European mountains. That's why Edelweiss stands and symbolizes courage in Austrian and Swiss cultures. As the girl collects Edelweiss flowers in the game, she gains more courage and stamina to climb higher walls and mountains, adding a deep and meaningful narrative to game mechanics.


Felix Mariotto developed Edelweiss. He tells the story of Edelweiss with the following words: "I came up with this project while immersed in a Metroid game, and I discovered my strong desire to engage in a platformer that incorporates Metroidvania mechanics. Concurrently, I aimed to infuse it with a puzzle game essence, ensuring that players won't feel pressured or hurried, unlike most platformer games."

Game Music

  • Strom Noir - Such a Beautiful Winter Day (village biome)
  • Simon Bainton - Tankah (lowland biome)
  • Simon Bainton - Hurtstone (cave biome)
  • Tobias Hellkvist - Where No One Can Hear You (forest biome)
  • Andrew Odd - Elysium (windy cliff biome)
  • Kyle Preston - Borken Photosynthesis (mountaintop biome)

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