Demolition Derby


Join the brutal crash battle of Demolition Derby, where you compete against other drivers in the arena. To increase your chances of winning, explore the game modes and garage to select the best car for the race.

Demolition Derby Modes

There are 3 modes available on Demolition Derby:

Career Mode

Career mode has 16 levels that will make you a demolition master at the end. Practice well enough before challenges. Enjoy every moment of career mode.

Challenge Mode

The challenge mode has 16 levels waiting for you to complete them. Have fun destroying more and more vehicles at each level.

Survival Mode

Survival mode will take your survival skills to a test. You will find out the best way to survive in any circumstance. There are 8 levels in Survival Mode that you can enjoy. Try to keep the car’s health at a certain level to pass any level. Be prepared. Bomb diffuses, and waves will welcome you at each level. 

Which cars can I drive in Demolition Derby?

Demolition Derby has 9 different cars. Pick one among them to your liking and collect all the coins until you buy that one. Available cars are as follows: Hazor, Bull, Ronnie, Walter, Tom Leonardo, Alan Flitch, Marvin, and Flitch. Before buying a new car, remember to look at the car’s features. The most important features you can see in the garage are as follows: 

  • Top speed
  • Acceleration
  • Attack
  • Health

How can I use power-ups in Demolition Derby?

There are 4 types of power-ups in Demolition Derby: 

  •  Health power-up will rise your car’s health.
  •  Weapon power-up will help you destroy the enemy faster.
  •  Shield power-up protects the car’s health.
  •  Skull power-up decreases the cars’ health, and it is better to avoid this power-up. 

How to play Demolition Derby?

  • WASD or arrow keys: Move
  • Space: Handbrake
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