Get ready for a flying action multiplayer game full of helicopters. gives you the chance to take your helicopter and upgrade it while you destroy everything in sight. Types of enemies: tanks, helicopters, drones and buildings.
As you level up you will be able to upgrade the cannons, fast shooting, arsenal of snipers and grenades.
Take control of the helicopter and navigate up to the sky and test your shooting skills and reflexes.

Be careful not to be destroyed by other players. If it happens you will see the final results:
• Score 
• Kills
• Time alive
• Level 
• Best Rank Display (HUD) includes:
• Available upgrades: player speed, health rege, max health, armor, fire rate, bullet speed, bullet damage, bullet size (displayed on the bottom left)
• Level (displayed on the center bottom)
• Map (displayed on the bottom right)
• Leaderboard (displayed on the top right) Controls:
 WASD to move
 Mouse or arrow keys to move
 Mouse button or up arrow key to shoot
 Right mouse button or E, as well as middle mouse button or X, for special abilities Game