Everyone knows the struggle of finding an empty plug socket in a crowded house full of electronics. Perhaps you and your sister have fought over who gets to charge their phone first. In the meantime, your mom and dad may be arguing about whether to plug in her hair straightener or his shaver in the bathroom. The sight of tangled cables, different-sized adapters, and scattered triple outlets can be overwhelming. Someone needs to put these in order—and that's you! We need your help to charge all the devices, and that's where Charge It comes in. 

Charge It is a fantastic logic puzzle game that consists of 20 unique levels. Each level presents a new challenge that will encourage you to think outside of the box. By playing this game, you'll never have to worry about your battery dying again. 



  • Use your mouse to move chargers


  • Hold and drag the plugs to the sockets

How to Play Charge It

  • Drag plugs to sockets to connect them. 
  • The sockets are limited. Also, you may have large plugs take up the space of 3 sockets.
  • Arrange all the cables and plugs so that all phones are charged, the TV is on, and the toasters are working properly.
  • If the cable is too short, find a way to find a closer socket.
  • You may use hair dryers to blow the napkin away over the sockets. 
  • With your strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, you'll be able to beat every level.

Who Created Charge It?

FreezeNova created Charge It.

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Charge It Online Game