Do you need a break from your own life? Would you like to act like a completely different person with a new family, friends, and a job? Try BitLife, an online living simulator game where you take control of a stranger from birth to death. Make important decisions for them, let them choose their occupancy, manage finance, where to live, and whom to fall in love with.

BitLife is an amazing simulator game comprising many aspects of real life. Be who you want to be: a criminal trying his way out of trouble or a decent person living life fully as you have always dreamed of. Anybody, from kids to older adults, would enjoy playing BitLife. Kids can try out living a life with responsibilities and consequences while adult players can have a rare old time living a life they regret they didn't. 

In BitLife, you have the freedom to set your own goals. You will decide whether you want to be a famous actor, a musician, marry into royalty, travel the world or even win the lottery. The choice is yours. You can make an effort to achieve your goals or go on a journey to explore, experience, and carpe diem in BitLife.

What is BitLife? 

BitLife is a free online simulator game where you control a human being from birth to old age, help them make critical decisions, and have a happy and healthy life.


Controls are straightforward in BitLife. Use your mouse to move and left-click to interact. You do not need to remember any key.

Monitoring System in BitLife

It would be best if you kept an eye on the following in Bitlife:

Personal Information

If you need some brief information (name, job, sex, location, etc.) about your character, check out the info section on the top left. 

Bank Balance

You will see how much money you have on the top right. While making binding financial decisions, you should watch the numbers there. You may have no or little money before having a job.

Happiness Bar

You will see your char's happiness level here. Happiness level varies a lot depending on many things that your char is living through: love life, family relations, career, money, a sudden death of someone they like...

Health Bar

It's another vital part of the game. You should see a doctor when your health bar is too low. If you cannot afford to visit an M.D., consider alternative options such as a chiropractor or a witch doctor. Remember, happiness level can affect your health if your char gets into depression.

Smarts and Looks

These may vary depending on your age and school or career life. These traits have an effect on your love life as well.  

Actions in BitLife

  • Age: Press it to get one year older. 
  • Occupation: At the bottom left, you will see school or occupation buttons depending on the age. You can control the school and career life there.
  • Assets: Go to the assets sections on the bottom left to buy and sell real estate and cars. 
  • Relationships: This section is where you manage relations with your family and friends.
  • Activities: At the bottom-right, you can access activities, a section with many possibilities for your char. You can choose to visit a casino, emigrate to another country, commit a crime, or make a doctor's appointment when your health bar is low.

It is all you must know. You are ready to explore the endless possibilities that BitLife offers.


BitLife was created by CandyWriter LLC.

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